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We have a passion for parties, inspiring design, tasty type, lovely paper, anything crafty, luxurious flowers, delicious food, and all things beautiful.

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2009 Wedding Wire
Bride's Choice Award

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Oct 30, 2009


Bruno Hill

I've seen his photos on Facebook, and I must say that he really has an eye for photography. I especially like the album where the models were wearing chic clothes while the location of the shoot was the streets. Those two are seemingly contrasting ideas, but he was able to blend them well. Among the photos there, my favorites are the 2nd and 4th one. I'm sure many people are envious of his gifted vision.

Brad Christopher

nice work!



Very romantic views!How i wish i have this kind of dress.


Ivana | Love Ardently

Just want to say hi to fellow Indonesian designer in US! :) Salam kenal, Henny! :)


Awesome shots- very nice work!

simply modern weddings

oooh so pretty!

Virginia Vo

Great photos...and the dresses are to die for!

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