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D*LSH Design is a two-woman team, lucy and henny! You can call us the dynamic duo or double trouble.

D*LSH is an award winning, intimate graphic design studio, specializing in smart solutions for businesses and fresh designs for special events. With our personal approach, we believe in delivering exceptional style, quality, and innovation in branding, print, invitations, web, and events and environments. We are focused in helping every business grow and each event unique.

We have a passion for parties, inspiring design, tasty type, lovely paper, anything crafty, luxurious flowers, delicious food, and all things beautiful.

Visit us at dlshdesign.com

Email us at info@dlshdesign.com

2009 Wedding Wire
Bride's Choice Award

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Sep 14, 2010


canvas art

It was the highlight of my design days when we discover such a cool logo. And her business card, can I get a squeal, I can't help but love it!


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Lovely designs... Well posted!!!

Shankar K

Nice designs. Check us out



Well done. I really enjoyed this design collection. It has a simple fresh touch. It's clean and up to date while working very well with industry colors.

From one designer to another - Cheers :)



Love it all! You gals are truly talented :)

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